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The aim of Student Society is to provide a platform for students to serve one another, to help new students to integrate into the College life, share helpful tips on study experience, understand each other’s needs, and be a channel to voice the students’ wish list to the College. The Student Society hopes to engage the student body to live out our faith through serving together in various ministries, in so doing, we may discover God’s will for our mission beyond the classroom.

2020-2022 Student Society Committee Members:

Sections Name Programme Email Address
Learning Support May Won Bachelor of Theology
Simmy Chan (Graduated)
Jacky Lin Bachelor of Theology
Lucy Chan Bachelor of Theology
Welcome Party and Fellowship Michael Chow Bachelor of Theology
Maxwell Man Diploma
Carine Leung Diploma
Andrea Kan Master of Theology
Second-hand Book Service Caroline Wong (Graduated)
Eileen Yim Master of Theology
Nick Lau Diploma
Victor Chun Diploma
Other Sections Convener: Sayami Pang Bachelor of Theology
Adam Mok Postulant

A Letter to all students from Ming Hua Theological College Student Society Committee

Dear students:

In this autumn season, we will soon meet in the beautiful surroundings of Ming Hua Theological College, welcoming all new students of 2021 to join the Ming Hua family while
welcoming all our old classmates to reunite at Ming Hua!

Even a new school year is about to start, we are still hit by the epidemic, we can feel everyone’s worries, and also their anxiety at the same time understanding the students’ eagerness to get more information about their courses, books on offer, and essays writing tips. There is no hurry as we are about to present you with some information, the amount of information is not small in volume. We ask everyone to be patient and read carefully since some parts may require our mutual cooperation.  

First, we have established the Ming Hua Theological College Student Society Facebook page dedicated to help students receive latest information from the college and also the student society. We have also developed a peer support plan called (Walk the Talk x 2), allowing old and new students to walk hand in hand and grow together. Furthermore, the second-hand book exchange platform is also ready to be launched; everyone is invited  to actively participate and support each other. Finally, our prayer and care group has also been established, and we hope to provide students with spiritual care, creating a spiritual home together with teachers and students; for details, see the column on the left. Student are welcome to scan the code to join the Student Society Facebook page for more information . 

In the midsummer of this year, we experienced the epidemic, the Olympics, and witnessed the unmanning Hong Kong spirit in all these events. We hope that while the students are actively preventing the epidemic, they are also preparing for the start of school. The time where we celebrate double festival is approaching, we wish you and your family health, harmony, joy and peace! We are eagerly awaiting to welcome you at the beautiful campus. 

 Best wishes and good health!

 Members of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Ming Hua Theological College Student Society Committee

 1st September 2021 

A Letter to all students from Ming Hua Theological College Student Society Committee

To All Students at Ming Hua Theological College:

Greetings to all our dear students! The four seasons in the year pass so quickly! In a blink of an eye we are welcoming the new term with full of hope, and energy. The Ming Hua Theological College Students Society wishes the students in the new term to overcome their obstacles and set sail on a new journey.

Even though during the pandemic, we were not able to hold actual activities; however in order to respond to the needs of the students, the student society has been undergoing, planning and organizing different services, we will keep you all informed when the planning process finishes; stay tuned!

Also, two members of the student society, Maxwell and Nick have shared their turning point of studies enrolment, the struggle and challenges they face with serving and their longing and aspirations for college life, these are all the challenges faced by every student. Together with this letter, we are sharing their short testimonies for all the students to read, hope this resonates and encourage you. The journey of theological studies is not a lonely one, in the season of term commencement, we all journey together with you.

Hope the peace conveyed above is able to comfort our soul, may we walk hand in hand in our school lives this new term and journey together.

Spring is here; until we meet…

Best wishes and good health,

All of us from Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Ming Hua Theological College Student Society

15 March 2021

The Sharing of Studying Ming Hua’s Diploma Course

Having believed in God for a few years, there have been an accumulation of a series of questions with me about God. For example, why does God continue to allow disasters? Why doesn’t God eliminate suffering from human’s bodies? Why does God let people continue with hardship? All these myriads of everlasting questions are ones I often ponder about; coincidentally I saw the weekly publication of Ming Hua’s theological diploma studies introduction and also through the encouragement of clergy for me to apply, therefore I decided to use this mode of study to understand God’s words and the Bible.

Through studying in the diploma course, I came to the understanding of the value in believing, this is not about answering those questions in my head, rather it enables me to answer the questions to difficulties in life and my own daily life. I emphasise here that it is necessary to go through the thinking process, at the same time one cannot depart from understanding and accepting our own daily lives or the environment we live.

At the beginning of my studies under the pandemic situation, I had to often access my course online and felt it was a loss; through prayers, fortunately under God’s lead enabled me to join the student society, becoming a member of the society. After joining, I have met other members and am able to experience their sharing of different courses and the hardship they have gone through; this allowed me to manage my own emotions to my course studies and accelerated my speed to grasp the focal point of my course.

With Gratitude and Thanksgiving, Amen. 

Maxwell Man

Powerless yet Positive

Being invited by the Revd Pun last year, I was fortunate to become a member of Student Society and able to help the college by participating in the planning of activities. However, with the pandemic, all activities at the college were affected, forcing the cancellation of all face to face activities; classes and meetings have all moved online.

The purpose of the Student Society is to increase the sense of college belonging within the students through activities, caring for the needs of the students. Without being able to meet face to face with teachers or students have posed challenges to the planning and execution of the Student Society. Ask yourselves this, I have already been a part of the Student Society for over half a year, yet have not been able to carry out any planned activities, even the welcoming party for new students had to be

cancelled, my inner self was full of powerless feelings. When I was writing this testimony, all of a sudden I recalled when Paul was under house arrest in the Roman times; although this prevented him from meeting up with all the other brothers and sisters at church, however, he was still able to spread the Gospel through writing letters, even in today’s world, people are able to read the letters of St Paul’s and are able to understand God’s word in a limitless manner. This made me realise under limited resources and space, using the talent given by God in the greatest capacity, allowing more people to trust God is the true meaning to loving God with one’s heart and soul.

I am willing to learn from Paul and even in times of adversity to hold my heart close to God. Even though the meetings and activities of the Student Society have been conducted remotely, or even during my time of office, these activities cannot be realised, and have to depend on the members in their next term of office, I hope to, with my best ability, plan and prepare the resources so that when the pandemic eases, these students activities could be carried out with lesser effort – gaining more by doing less. 

In closing, I wish all the teachers and students of Ming Hua Theological College God’s Peace during these turbulent times. 

Nick Lau

Ming Hua Theological College Student Society Newsletter


Facebook Platform Intro

We also recently opened a brand new platform on Facebook to create a common space for theMing Hua community to mutually communicate, and send through blessings. This facebook group is planned and organised by the student society committee. We welcome all faculty student and alumni to join and work together to create a linkage within our community.

This is the QR code of the Facebook page.

Welcome Party on 2018/09/06 for the first semester of the new College year

The Welcome Party is an opportunity for new and returning students to mingle and share life, it is God’s grace to let us study together, live together, serve together, and grow in spirit together in Christ. Our newly graduated postulant, Jason Leung, returned to College to share his heart on his three year experience studying at Ming Hua. The College is not simply a place to study, but to fel-lowship in love, to support each other in prayer, and to build each other up in love.

Study Tips

The Student Society hosted an Orientation night for new and continuing students on 22 September. It was an opportunity for students to fellowship with one another, exchange study experience, and bond with each other on the exciting journey of exploring our faith. We were grateful that our senior lecturer, Dr. Matthew Jones, was able to join us to give us a short talk on ”Off to a good start: Tips on studying, researching and writing essays”. Click on the link on the right to grasp the key for success.


Second-hand Text Book Exchange Platform

Every new semester, students scramble to look for the required text books for the subjects they take. Some students have expressed their wish to find a convenient way to pass on their used text books to other students. The Student Society is excited to provide a “Second-hand Text Book Exchange Platform” for students to acquire the needed text books economically and speedily, with special consideration to the environment.