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The aim of Student Society is to provide a platform for students to serve one another, to help new students to integrate into the College life, share helpful tips on study experience, understand each other’s needs, and be a channel to voice the students’ wish list to the College. The Student Society hopes to engage the student body to live out our faith through serving together in various ministries, in so doing, we may discover God’s will for our mission beyond the classroom.

2017-2018 Student Society Committee officers and members:

Chairman: Michael Chow
Vice-Chairman: Jason Leung
Treasurer: Sayami Pamg
Secretaries: Lucy Chan & Eileen Yim
Other members: Denny Liu,TK Cheung,Lois Mak,
Simmy Chan,Caroline Wong

Study Tips

The Student Society hosted an Orientation night for new and continuing students on 22 September. It was an opportunity for students to fellowship with one another, exchange study experience, and bond with each other on the exciting journey of exploring our faith. We were grateful that our senior lecturer, Dr. Matthew Jones, was able to join us to give us a short talk on ”Off to a good start: Tips on studying, researching and writing essays”. Click on the link on the right to grasp the key for success.

Second-hand Text Book Exchange Platform

Every new semester, students scramble to look for the required text books for the subjects they take. Past student have expressed their wish to find a convenient way to pass on their used text books to other students. The Student Society is excited to roll-out a “Second-hand Text Book Exchange Platform” for students to acquire the needed text books economically and speedily, with special consideration to the environment.