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The Student Society welcomes our current and past registered students to offer their used text books to the current fellow students in support of sustainable development as well as efficient use of resources. You are welcome to list your offers in the Student Society Facebook page, or list your requirements. If you are offering your used books, be prepared to allow other students to contact you directly to settle the exchange.

 Rules for Exchange:

  1. The exchange is a personal transaction between the buyer and the seller who will bear any possible risk, and the responsibility to complete the exchange satisfactorily, the Student Society disclaims any responsibility to such exchange transaction
  2. The exchange is restricted to relevant text books, please specify relevant detail of the text book and offer price on your post.
  3. The offer price of the 2nd hand book must be clearly marked to avoid bidding or haggling, if no offer price is clearly marked, the administrator may delete the post to avoid confusion. When the sale of book is completed, please delete the post accordingly.

Sample Post on Facebook for reference:

The Bonhoeffer Reader by Clifford J. Green and Michael P. DeJonge
Publisher: Fortress Press (1-Nov-2013)
ISBN: : 9780900699451